Airport Services

We are Market Leader for services since 1989. We as a Manpower Outsourcing agenciesservices hereby adhere to give the best of our excellence and skill in satisfying our consumers/customers need.

We Ani Integrated services adhere to provide the best of services and its maintenance. We at our extent provide servicesto Airport inwhich there are services like;

  • Baggage screening Systems
  • Baggage Handling system
  • Building management System
  • Airside/Landside lighting system
  • CCTV and PIDS Surveillance System
  • Gas/Fire detection System
  • Smiths detection overview
  • Electrical Services

We have excelled at providing holistic turnkey solutions &comprehensive support for YOU –“The Right Kind of People”.
As a Global Leader in X-ray baggage machines, Ionscan and Metal detectors. Smiths is known for safeguarding critical locations from constantly evolving CBRNE threats and our 95% market Share is in Indian Airport Industry and Near about 5000 units Installed in base.
Ani has an Exclusive Partner in Smith Detections India. Services of Smith Detection has complete action after sales activities. We provide service to more than 140 operational Airports in India.Our Teamis present on all major airports 24X7 all 365 days a year. We maintain our uptime to 99.8 % throughout the time.

Smith Detection

Baggage Screening

Baggage X-ray

  • We Manage customer care/service helpdesk for complete India.
  • We also manage in Spare Parts Inventory management and Spare Parts Logistics Management.
  • We give Complete Service for all Non airport clients across India. And last of all
  • We have Integration of Baggage handling system.
Baggage X-ray
Baggage Screening

Baggage Handling System

  • Complete Operation and maintenance service package
  • Highly experienced and trained team on SCADA for integration, operation and maintenance of BHS.
  • We have In House workshop for crucial and major repairs and fabrication job.
  • Tracking of your maintenance schedule records is done.
  • Managing Equipment inspections and corrective maintenance. Also Parts procurement/Inventory management/ OEM spares management and Redundancy Management is done.

Electrical Services

  • We Complete HT / LT, lighting management system with Engineering, installation, operation and maintenance activities.
  • We have complete automization of electrical system.
  • Operation and maintenance of Substation, Switch yard, DG sets, transformers, etc. is provided.
  • Lighting Consumable inventory management.
  • Recycling Management of used/Fused lighting element. Integration with BMS for efficient lighting and power saving.
  • Also Building lighting, Facade lighting, apron lighting, runway lighting and Periodic cleaning of light fittings.
Airport Services

Building Management System

  • Complete Integration of CCTV
  • Access controls
  • Biometrics
  • Smoke detectors
  • Fire detection
  • Alarms
  • Barrier gates and emergency exits.
Baggage Screening
Baggage Screening

HVAC and lighting maintenance and integration with BMS Utility operations and Maintenance like

  • Chiller
  • Cooling towers
  • Boilers
  • Water treatment plant
  • RO plant
  • Gas/smoke/Fire detection system is designed, installed and maintained.
  • Periodic mock testing of all the systems and their integration with each other is being done.
  • Authorized System Integrator of OEM’s is established.
  • Specially trained team on the systems are required.
  • Operation and maintenance of complete surveillance system
  • Routine manual patrolling of the peripheral compound.
  • Integration of CCTV with BHS system and Operator training/ technical training.
  • OEM spare parts management and Fabrication services for support structures and fencing is also completed.

Airport Services

Airport Services

As every company which offers Airport services has some or the other Advantages we too have some of them which are as follows

  • Proven experience of 3 decades in Technical Services
  • Presently more than 3000 + manpower are managed
  • Pan India & Overseas presence
  • Flexible hiring
  • No statutory obligations
  • Cost and time-saving in the hiring process
  • No Permanent liability
  • Availability of experts for short duration projects
  • Turnkey Hiring capabilities
  • Project Specific Hiring
  • Immediate Support for Additional/Peaks- Deadlines
  • Large resume data bank
  • Value Added Services