Quality is the judgment factor of any company’s ethics and credibility.

ANI Integrated Services Limited ‘’formerly know as ANI Instruments Pvt Ltd’’ vows and adheres to the ongoing desire to improve our professional ability and to drive forward new methods and standards to improve customer satisfaction in the name of continual improvement. It is our policy to ensure that our engineering consultancy services meet our customer requirements in all respects. ANI places immense significance on recruiting the right kind of manpower, maintaining the quality standards in each and every job we perform.

The Director and entire management team of the company are committed to the operation and maintenance of the quality management system and to ensure that the Quality Policy of the company is communicated to all levels. A fundamental part of which is the education, training and involvement of all personnel and in particular the enhancement of customer satisfaction by ensuring that we meet, or exceed, customer requirements. To help to achieve this goal all staff are responsible for the quality of their own work and we adopt

An integrated process approach to all quality management system activities.

Our ISO 9001 CERTIFICATION & CRISIL RATINGS is our way of proposing reassurance in the best engineering & deputation services for our clientele yet to use it as a springboard to further successes to ensure that we continue to act in a dedicated, professional and controlled manner. This policy is reviewed yearly for continuing suitability and discussed in the management review meetings.