Financial-Results 2018 , Below you will find the audited financial results for the year ended 2018.  Click Go for the latest results,

  1. Profit and Loss sheet
  2. Notes
  3. Balance sheet
  4. Financial Results as on 30/9/18
  5. Reg-32 Statement of Deviation
  6. Reg-33 Outcome, Financials results and LRR
  7. Board Meeting intimation notice
  8. CFO Certificate

At ANI Integrated , we view our investors & shareholders as key stakeholders in the firm and believe in forging long lasting and transparent relationships. Investors can get in touch with us on  for any queries.


ANI Integrated  policies

ANI  is committed to providing the very best not only to our customers but also to the Employees, Shareholders and our  environment. our company has been a pioneer in benchmarking its corporate governance practices with the best. Given below are the company’s policies on corporate governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility Policy

ANI  commits to operate and grow our business in a socially responsible way. Our vision is to grow our business environmental impact of our operations and creating. causing  a positive social impact.

Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy describes the principles that everyone in ANI  follows, wherever they are in the world, to ensure that we are recognised and trusted for our integrity, the quality of our services, and the high standards we set.

This section is dedicated to our Shareholders and investors.

All queries relating to investor services may please be directed to our dedicated Investor Helpline.
All queries relating to equity shares should be addressed to the Share Transfer Agent. While sending queries / grievances, investors should quote the Folio Number, the Client ID and Depository Participant ID, Certificate Number, and full address including pin code and telephone / fax number, if any.

Address your queries to our dedicated Investor Helpline:  
or direct your queries to:


ANI Integrated Services Limited

 624 – Lodha Supremus II, “A” Wing,
North Tower, Road No. 22 Wagle Estate,

Near New Passport Office Thane (W) – 400 604, India


  • NSE will provide details of beneficial owners (investors in demat segment) with reference to the record date / book closure date.
  • In the case of dividend payment, the Company will disburse the dividend by sending dividend warrants directly to the beneficial owners – similar to the manner followed in the physical system.
  • In case of other corporate benefits like rights / bonus issues, the distribution is in electronic form through NSE.
  • The investors should ensure that their accounts are credited for purchases before the record date / book closure, as the case may be, to be entitled to all corporate benefits.

Accelerating Growth !!!

Dear Shareholders,

We are delighted to inform you that in spite of Challenges both Domestic and overs ANI Integrated continues to be on its growth journey delivering on the promises made to our shareholders of being the numero uno in Technical Business Services domain in India.